I remember being yelled at by elders, all the time for going to near a fan blowing air. It was not because they did not like the fan or they enjoyed yelling at me. Rather it was because the fan had blades, sharp blades because of which it was able to blow fast air. All those older people who always yelled, now have nothing to yell. Thanks to Dyson, who have come up with a new technology of fan. A fan that works efficiently and has no blades to worry about.

Dyson fans has airfoil shaped ramp, like that of the cross section of an aircraft wing. This eliminates the requirement of blades and gives a smooth and powerfull air flow. Buffeting is caused by conventional fans because it chops the air stream before it reaches the user. Whereas Air Multiplier doesn’t not chop the air but amplifies the surrounding air giving smooth stream of uninterrupted air.


It amplifies the flow of air 15 times of the original. There are a total of 4 steps that cause this amplification.

  1. Drawing the air in
  2. Accelerating the air
  3. Inducement of air
  4. Entrainment of air

A very brief description of the following steps is given below.

Drawing the air in:

First of all it has in it a brushless motor. It is used to draw in up to 5 gallons of air in one second. The technology used in Air Multiplier is a combination of turbochargers and jet engines.

Accelerating the air:

The circular ring through which the air is made to pass is not just a ring but is a 16 degrees airfoil-shaped ramp. It is this annular aperture that accelerates the air and gives it a direction.

Inducement of air:

It uses the phenomena of inducement to draw air into its airflow.

Entrainment of air:

It does not only induce the air behind the annular aperture but also entrains the air around the machine. The air is amplified 15 times its original speed.


Because Dyson Air multiplier is free of blades, it is safe and easy to clean. It can be tilted till 90 degrees with a single touch. To control the speed of air it has a dimmer switch.

At present it is available in two different sizes, 10” Annulus and 12” Annulus.

Because the technology is not conventional and it is fancy having no blades, it costs a little. It ranges from $299.99 to $329.99.

clip_image002[3] clip_image002[1]

If you ask me, eve if it is a good fan, a smart one, a safe fan, a fan that is of no harm to anyone, still I do not like it.

Here is a list of positives and negatives of “Air Multiplier”

  • Distinctive Design – Positive
  • Safe ( No external moving parts) – Positive
  • Excellent Performance – Positive
  • Not very loud, but not even silent – Neutral
  • Very Expensive – Negative

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