How to: Remove Pinned Programs From the Taskbar in Windows 7

Earlier in our post we told you about the Windows 7 feature of how you can pinned your most frequently used programs on the Taskbar for you to easily access them. By default, when users move their mouse pointer over these pinned, you will be able to have a quick thumbnail preview of all the […]

How to: Disable and Turn Off Aero Peek at Desktop in Windows 7

Aero Peek (also known as Desktop Preview) feature in Windows 7 can be enabled and turned on, it is feature in which all the windows is temporarily hidden so that the user’s can view the desktop, and to view the window user moves the mouse pointer to hover over the Show Desktop (a small rectangular […]

How to: get more icons in the System tray for Windows 7

Before Windows 7, it was difficult to choose what you should and shouldn’t add in Windows system tray. It is something that shows the status icons for various system elements like volume etc and the program running in the background like your anti-virus software. Earlier it was uncommon to have so many icons littered down […]

AquaSnap Brings Enhanced Aero Effects to Windows XP Through Windows 7

Here is good news for all Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista users, “AquaSnap” a new and free multifunctional tweaking application. AquaSnap enhances your Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista with Aero-style effects. It is a free firmware and works with Windows XP through Windows 7.

Windows 7 – Manage settings in one place

Many people are facing difficulty in getting use-to with the new interface of Window, since the launch of Windows Vista. The locations of many settings have been changed and people find it difficult to locate setting, which are almost different from that in Windows XP. This problem has now been solved by “Windows 7 in […]

How to Minimize Windows 7 Media Player (WMP12) to Taskbar as Mini Toolbar (Taskband/Deskband)

Windows 7 comes up with media player 12 (WMP12), in windows 7 the icons are replaced by button on taskbar, where as earlier in windows vista with windows media player 11 (WMP11), the windows media player toolbar could be minimized as mini toolbar. But that’s not the case in windows 7, it does not allow […]

Disable and Turn Off (or Customize) AutoPlay Features in Windows 7

Since Windows XP, AutoPlay and AutoRun features are the most exposed areas usually exploited as a spreading mechanism by few malware in order to target unprotected computers. The function of AutoRun is to automatically start the program when any device like USB (storage tool), CD, Memory card etc in inserted in the computer. And AutoPlay […]


A technology that transfers information from computers to different supporting devices is Windows SideShow. As its name makes it obvious, it is only compatible with Windows devices. The information such as email’s, calendar, news, reminder, pictures e.t.c, can be transferred to a device can be updated/transferred even if on sleep mode or if the computer […]

Classic Options Possible on Windows 7

Thank you to Classic Shell for giving back the users of Windows some of the features they had been missing in Windows 7 and Vista but were present in XP. Biggest and popular most example being the Classic Main Menu. It is free and has an open source. Double thumbs up!! It gives you the […]

How to change MAC address in windows 7

Today, I installed a software which I activated on a different PC before but it gave an error of MAC address check failure. It was actually checking MAC address from license. Right after that, I started online search for a utility to change MAC address in windows 7. In XP, there were free utilities available […]