How to: Remove Pinned Programs From the Taskbar in Windows 7

Earlier in our post we told you about the Windows 7 feature of how you can pinned your most frequently used programs on the Taskbar for you to easily access them. By default, when users move their mouse pointer over these pinned, you will be able to have a quick thumbnail preview of all the running programs. Some of the users may find this feature very useful as with this you can conveniently execute the program which you use frequently. But some users may find this feature uncomfortable and want to make it disable.


So if you are one the users who want to disable this feature from showing on the Taskbar, you can easily do this with the help of some simple configuration to the Local Group policy Editor.

With Windows 7 Local Group Policy editor you can disable/enable the pinning of programs to Taskbar in Windows 7 and can enable/prohibit the Taskbar to display pinned programs. You just need to follow few steps:

In the Local Group Policy Editor:

  • Go to “Users Configuration”
  • Then go to “Administrative Templates”
  • Then on the left pane “Start Menu and Taskbar”
  • Then on the right pane look for “Remove pinned programs from the Taskbar”
  • Right click it and from the shortcut menu which will be prompted select “Edit”.
  • A configuration window will be prompted in the “Remove pinned programs from the Taskbar”, click the “Enabled” item.
  • Once you select this, “Pinned Programs” list will be removed from the Taskbar.
  • Now you cannot pin programs anymore to the Taskbar.
  • Now you just need to click “OK” and continue.
  • Close the Local Group policy Editor and restart your computer to activate the settings.
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