Smooth Movie: Video Processing App To Smooth Out Shaky Videos On iPhone

Here is a good news for the iPhone users who like to make videos from there iPhone to preserve special moments, but sometime while recording the video continues movement of your hand makes the video a shaky. But now on iPhone 3GS you can easily fix your shaky with Smooth Movie 1.0. It is a […]

Apple with “Full – on solution” to develop Multitasking in iPhone 4.0

Apple’s new iPhone OS 4.0, which is expected to be launching very soon in June, comes with some exciting features, the most important of them is multi-tasking and it’s also will allow third party iPhone application o run in background. An insider from Apple said that “people with a proven track record in predicting Apple’s […]

Nexus One Problems – Can Google Pose Significant Threat In The Long Run?

Google’s Nexus One was released in the market place in the first week of 2010. Since then it has not been able to capture the hearts of many, or let’s simply say that it has not lived up to the expectations. One of the major problems it is facing is to attract the iPhone users […]

Turning Your iPhone Into a Security “Spy” Camera

Usually the camera’s in iPhone tends to serve only the basic function like zoom in-out, timer mode, multiple shots etc. iPhone 3GS features a stunning 3.2 Megapixel camera which performs basic function just like any other camera, but some features which are missing in the camera software and should be there built-in, fortunately there are […]

Transfer contacts from and to SIM card in iPhone – SIManager

Despite all amazing functions iphone brought to us, there was some missing, the ability to transfer contacts from and to the SIM card. It’s been a while since there were rumors about an application that will take care of this functionality for iPhone users. Finally it’s out its SIManager, an application developed by Giovanni Chiappini. […]

Backup and Restore Cydia Applications using PkgBackup

What would you do if you have to install a new firmware on your iPhone and have a lot of Cydia packages installed as well? One option is to delete everything and then reinstall if you remember them. The other option, the much better one is PkgBackup. It too is a Cydia application which allows […]

Now Create Free Ringtones for iPhone on Windows

Creating ring tones for your iphone, on your PC that too for free. Don’t you believe it? If not then better believe it!! It has become true in the form of iRinger. Another highlight of iRinger is that it does not need installation, simply double click it to run the application and export the ringtones […]

Guide to Download and Install ProSwitcher Beta Palm Pre like Multitasking

Earlier this month we published coming soon proswitcher free opensource multitasking iphone app for jailbroken iphones. To have an interface where you can see all the applications that are being run on your iPhone at a time would be a delight. The expectations of iPhone users were fulfilled by ProSwitcher, whose first beta release was […]

Traces of iPhone Firmware 3.1.3 and OS 4.0 Found

In today’s world it is impossible to stop at any one point and not proceed further. This is true for our friends at Apple as well. Traces of firmware 3.1.3 and OS 4.0 were found by BGR in their visitors’ log. This is a clear indication that Apple is testing and updating for the upcoming […]

Frings iPhone App making Video Calls possible on iPhone

Conbination of iPhones and video calls seemed impossible but now it is reality. Thanks to an Israel based mobile VoIP service provider called Fring that has not only made it possible for iPhone but also for Nokia smartphone and iPod Touch users. These calls are made using WiFi service.