I remember being yelled at by elders, all the time for going to near a fan blowing air. It was not because they did not like the fan or they enjoyed yelling at me. Rather it was because the fan had blades, sharp blades because of which it was able to blow fast air. All […]


Here is a list of technologies of 2009 that can transform the way we live our lives. Traveling-Wave Reactor Using atomic reactors to produce electricity is another method. The problems associated with it massive and costly as well. Enriching uranium and opening the reactor to refuel it are some of the most burdensome jobs associated […]

Future of Electric vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles

Glaciers are melting at a rapid pace, temperatures are increasing, ozone is depleting, clean water is becoming a luxury, precious animal species are rarely seen, in short enthalpy of the world in increasing at a rapid pace. Everybody who is concerned about all the above mentioned factors will be extremely exhilarated to know that a […]