SIGNAL AND LEAVE THE REST TO iPhone 4G – iPhone 4G with gesture based technology

It was a couple of years ago when a generation of cell phone was developed by Apple, leaving a bright mark on the history of cell phones. Since then it has been a tough competition amongst the giants to make the best cell phones. The competition has grown with every passing day with iPhone, Nexus, […]

iPhone 4G Could Come With Touch Sensitive Back Panel Casing

Goldman Sachs Group analyst Robert Chen claimed in one of his interview to Bloomberg that the next generation iPhone could come up with 5- megapixel camera and touch sensitive casing. In that interview Chen said that the new iPhone 4G will come up with many new innovations especially in its hardware which will be replaced […]

CDMA iPhone With Qualcomm Chips to be Launched Later This Year

There have been some speculation and conflicting reports regarding what next generation of iPhone will offer. The UBS Investment Research analyst Maynard Um has quoted that CDMA version of the iPhone is coming, but Apple won’t be partnering with Verizon. The above statement has been, differed by Northeast Securities, saying that iPhone 4G is in […]