Apple iPhone 4 Released: Price, Highlights and Key Features

Here is awesome news for all the iPhone users, iPhone 4 has been released. iPhone 4 contains many awesome features, it’s design is unique, brand new as compared to other iPhone 3G and 3GS. Features:

SIGNAL AND LEAVE THE REST TO iPhone 4G – iPhone 4G with gesture based technology

It was a couple of years ago when a generation of cell phone was developed by Apple, leaving a bright mark on the history of cell phones. Since then it has been a tough competition amongst the giants to make the best cell phones. The competition has grown with every passing day with iPhone, Nexus, […]

Apple Hinting the Presence of Broadcom BCM4329 Chip and Capability of 802.11N WiFi in Next Generation of iPhone

Probably iPhone marketing team is good at keeping next generation of iPhone a secret but probably the people in Human Resource Department do not care much about the privacy and secrecy as far as they are doing their job. This was revealed when a job posting was put up on Apples official website, looking for […]