Disappearing car doors can make the difference!

Imagine a situation where you don’t have to open up your car doors rather they disappear on pressing a button just like an automatic car door window coming down. The advantage is two fold …

Cool coca-cola bottle design

Bored of the old design of coke bottle? Check this one! Its sleek, sexy and slim. Above all, it will be designed to keep the drink chill for a while. Of course, you will have to pay some extra bucks to get this stuff but it would worth its cost. Jerome Olivet is the designer […]

Protect your kindle from water with KlearKase

Ever heard of a water proof casing for Kindle? Well, here we are with a transparent casing that can protect your Kindle from being water sick. The polycarbonate case only weighs 6 ounces, so you’ll merely feel an increase in weight

Hopscotch Calculator brought back those old memories

That’s just a basic 8-digit calculator offering basic math operation and smart enough to carry it around with great ease but wait a sec, my math is not that poor, so I won’t need that in my pocket anyways

iSendr Shares Files Without Hosting Them on a Server for All to Access

There has been number of file sharing services, but for that you need to host your file on a central server. That can be a bit risky and many people don’t want to host their file on central server which can be seen by others. Here is a solution, “iSendr” a free web service, which […]

Cool Way to get rid of static discharge

Whether they are metal doors or other metallic objects, I am almost always freaked out by the shock they embark upon me. Apart from metallic stuff, sometimes this thing happens when making a hand shake with people and the spark is often visible; how worst it can get than that.

Swipe a finger and get as much light as you want

What if you can actually swipe your finger on a flat surface of the lamp making LEDs ON as you swipe across the lamp? Hmmmn, now we have actually added a spice in to our lamp world.

Evolution Of Apple iPHONE

Now the question is what’s next? As mentioned earlier, Steve jobs is thinking big. So, here is a clue to what we will have out of Apple in next 4 or 5 years. On the eve of 2012, Apple will produce an iBoard which will be as big as your standard 15 inch LCD monitor.

Measure your heart beat rate with ‘heart beat watch’

Heart Beat Watch can help you measure your heart beat graph.

RedEye mini – Turn iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into Universal Remote

  The original RedEye by ThinkFlood was quite a show off, but it was also very expensive and complicated. Although it’s been just four months since its launch, but as new technologies are coming day by day, we can say that it is now a history. However, anew and advanced technology RedEye mini is conquering […]