iPhone 4G Could Come With Touch Sensitive Back Panel Casing

Goldman Sachs Group analyst Robert Chen claimed in one of his interview to Bloomberg that the next generation iPhone could come up with 5- megapixel camera and touch sensitive casing. In that interview Chen said that the new iPhone 4G will come up with many new innovations especially in its hardware which will be replaced […]

Olympus mju tough, is it tough enough?

Image: Olympus mju tough Are you a person who don’t have so called ‘safe hands’? A camera in your hands doesn’t last long unless it survives a lot of falls on the ground and in water as well? Then surely you require something tougher and we have that for you, its Olympus mju Tough camera. […]

Can iPhone 4G Come up with 5 Megapixel Camera

2009 has shown its wonders and it is about time 2010 starts revealing its colours. When talking of the expectations of 2010 iPhones 4G tops the list. Other possible features are the multi-core processor and a monstrous 64 GB flash memory. One factor that needs consideration is the coalition of the processor (of the device) […]