RedEye mini – Turn iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into Universal Remote

  The original RedEye by ThinkFlood was quite a show off, but it was also very expensive and complicated. Although it’s been just four months since its launch, but as new technologies are coming day by day, we can say that it is now a history. However, anew and advanced technology RedEye mini is conquering […]

Apple with “Full – on solution” to develop Multitasking in iPhone 4.0

Apple’s new iPhone OS 4.0, which is expected to be launching very soon in June, comes with some exciting features, the most important of them is multi-tasking and it’s also will allow third party iPhone application o run in background. An insider from Apple said that “people with a proven track record in predicting Apple’s […]

Apple Hinting the Presence of Broadcom BCM4329 Chip and Capability of 802.11N WiFi in Next Generation of iPhone

Probably iPhone marketing team is good at keeping next generation of iPhone a secret but probably the people in Human Resource Department do not care much about the privacy and secrecy as far as they are doing their job. This was revealed when a job posting was put up on Apples official website, looking for […]

iClassic Turns Your iPhone (jailbroken) in to iPod Classic

For all the music lovers who own iPhone or iPod touch, here’s good news for you. Now with iClassic app you can convert your device into a Classic iPod and listen to your all time favorite songs. The app can browse the entire music library just like the good old iPods. iClassic the iPod Classic […]