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About a week ago, I was feeling that my iPhone has taken some boorish look and needs a must modification. So, I started working out on changing its appearance. The first thing I changed was the theme of the phone and that was a hefty process since I searched all the way sorting each and every theme available to date. In that very process, I took one theme out of hundreds. Well, I will make your selection process quite simple by indexing the themes according to their look and performance.

By the way, if you are new to the iPhone themes, you need to check the following links if you don’t know how to apply for the themes. You will be requiring a jailbroken iPhone in order to apply these themes.

How to install themes on a jailbroken iPhone

How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G/3GS with Sn0wbreeze

The following is the list of themes, I hope you will enjoy all of them.





NOTE: If any of our readers don’t like the numbering of the themes, kindly help me rearrange it by sending your suggestions at , I would really appreciate your precious input.





1) GUCCI iPhone Theme

What did you say ‘GUCCI’ ? Yes, it is not a hand bag, a shoe or a shirt this time, they have produced a theme for people having feelings for both iphone and ‘GUCCI’. Check this out:


Download GUCCI iPhone Theme

2) WOOD iPhone Theme

Its simple and its all wood which takes to number 2 position.


Download WOOD iphone Theme

3) Magic iPhone Theme

Nothing is magical in this theme, may be creating 3D buttons seems to be magical for the developers.


Download Magic iPhone Theme

4) Valentine iPhone Theme

Sorry, the lovely day of valentines has gone but you can keep this theme for Feb 2011. Wish you best of luck !!


Download Valentine iPhone Theme

5) West Coast iPhone Theme

If you live in California, this is a must have theme for you.


Download West Coast iPhone Theme

6) XMeizo iPhone Theme

Its stylish and it gives a new life to iPhone.


Download XMeizo iPhone Theme

7) Vista Perfection iPhone Theme

Windows Vista failed to get people confidence, how about the theme? Only you can tell after checking this out!


Download Vista Perfection iPhone Theme

8) Ricca MAC iPhone Theme

The theme name doesn’t exactly tell you but this is a Vodafone inspired theme. So, I would rather call it ‘Vodafone iPhone Theme’.


Download Ricca MAC iPhone Theme

9) Sketchnote iPhone Theme

Again, simplicity has no match. With this theme, you’ll have a feeling of a magical notepad which do things with just a touch.


Download Sketch Note iPhone Theme

10) Soda iPhone Theme

This theme will constantly remind you of soda, so you will drink a lot. Its good for the use in the summer!


Download Soda iPhone Theme

11) BeiJing Olmypic Games iPhone Theme

I can’t forget the Olympics, they were fabulous. I only saw them on TV but they left a magical impression on my mind. BeiJing simply rocks! Check this theme, you’ll have to memorize the icons as they have no description at the bottom. So, its kind of a memory test.


Download BeiJing Olympic Games iPhone Theme

12) Time Machine iPhone Theme

Time Machine hasn’t become a reality but some people like fantasy which gives a perfect reason to keep this theme on your phone if you are a fantasy person.

TimeMachine-iphone Mobile Themes

Download Time Machine iPhone Theme

13) XP iPhone Mobile Theme

This isn’t exactly a theme which can turn your iPhone look to that of XP but the background can give you some feeling of XP.


Download XP iPhone Theme

14) Macish iPhone Theme

MAC users can try this, it is a must-have theme for them.


Download Machish iPhone Theme

15) Pink & Black iPhone Theme

Mostly its filled with pink and black as the name suggests.


Download Pink & Black iPhone Theme

16) Peach-i-Dollars iPhone Theme

Make your iPhone look like a Dollar!


Download Peach i-Dollars iPhone Theme

17) IKB iPhone Theme

Blue color is my favorite and this theme is perfect for me at least.


Download IKB iPhone Theme

18) iCard Board Theme

With a wrinkled card background, this theme has a nice look.

iCard Board-Theme

Download iCard Board iPhone Theme

19) KungFu Panda iPhone Theme

I love these cartoons, why not have a theme of KungFu Panda. Incidentally, this theme will only change the background of your menu browsing.


Download Kung Fu Panda iPhone Theme

20) L-Orange iPhone Theme


Download L-Orange iPhone Theme

21) Jeans iPhone Theme


Download Jeans iPhone Theme

22) iNav Beta 1.0 iPhone Theme

Your mobile would definitely be better looking with this fabulous theme.


Download iNav Beta 1.0 iPhone Theme

23) iB.O.B. RS iPhone Theme


Download iB.O.B RS iPhone Theme

24) Lordagsgodis iPhone Theme


Download Lordagsgodis iPhone Theme

25) AMANA iPhone Theme

I love mobile themes with a darkish look just like this one.


Download AMANA iPhone Theme

26) Blue Light iPhone Theme


Download Blue Light iPhone Theme

27) Apple Red iPhone Theme


Download Apple Red iPhone Theme

28) Blue Style iPhone Theme


Download Blue Style iPhone Theme

29) Canded iPhone Theme

House wives would definitely love to keep this theme on their mobile phone as its just like a kitchen rack!


Download Canded iPhone Theme

30) Dew iPhone Theme

I searched hard through many themes to find this one as I wanted to keep that for a friend of mine who is in love with DEW.


Download Dew iPhone Theme

31) Christmas Tree iPhone Theme


Download Christmas Tree iPhone Theme

32) Purple iPhone Theme


Download Purple iPhone Theme

33) Sexy Realize iPhone Theme

I didn’t find anything sexy about this theme but seems to me as if the developers tried to make a sexy look but failed of course.


Download Sexy Realize iPhone Theme

34) PERFECTSTORM 2.0 iPhone Theme


Download Perfect Storm 2.0 iPhone Theme

35) Rezon iPhone Theme


Download Rezon iPhone Theme

36) Julkas iPhone Theme


Download Julkas iPhone Theme

37) Hi-Tech iPhone Theme


Download Hi-Tech iPhone Theme

38) IOS iPhone Mobile Theme


Download IOS iPhone Theme

39) Tendo Mod iPhone Theme

Tendo Mod iPhone Theme

Download Tendo Mod iPhone Theme

40) Stick It iPhone Theme


Download Stick It iPhone Theme

41) Super Mario iPhone Theme


Download Super Mario iPhone Theme

42) Fin iPhone Theme


Download Fin iPhone Theme

43) Cool Purple iPhone Theme


Download Cool Purple iPhone Theme

44) Crackadilicus iPhone Theme


Download Crackadilicus iPhone Theme

45) Dexter iphone Theme


Download Dexter iPhone Theme

46) Candy Milk iPhone Theme


Download Candy Milk iPhone Theme

47) Fresh iPhone Theme


Download Fresh iPhone Theme

48) 3D iPhone Theme


Download 3D iPhone Theme

49) China Style iPhone Theme


Download China Style iPhone Theme

50) Matrix iPhone Theme


Download Matrix iPhone Theme


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