Cyder: Download and Install Cydia Apps on iPhone Without Using Internet

Attention, here is good news for those iPhone users, who were unable to use Cydia due to unavailability of data connectivity on their handset, here is Cyder2 a free windows utility that allows;

Smooth Movie: Video Processing App To Smooth Out Shaky Videos On iPhone

Here is a good news for the iPhone users who like to make videos from there iPhone to preserve special moments, but sometime while recording the video continues movement of your hand makes the video a shaky. But now on iPhone 3GS you can easily fix your shaky with Smooth Movie 1.0. It is a […]

Apple with “Full – on solution” to develop Multitasking in iPhone 4.0

Apple’s new iPhone OS 4.0, which is expected to be launching very soon in June, comes with some exciting features, the most important of them is multi-tasking and it’s also will allow third party iPhone application o run in background. An insider from Apple said that “people with a proven track record in predicting Apple’s […]

Infinidock App for Jailbroken iPhones Lets You Enable a Horizontal Scrolling iPhone Dock

For those users of iPhone who have a lot of iPhone application installed on their iPhone, to save your time and to manage all of your application easily and not to scroll several pages and instantly launch your favorite application. Here is a solution for it. Now you can bookmark all your application which you […]

Facebook iPhone App 3.1.2 Released: Fixes Bug Causing Incorrect Matches in Address Book Sync & More

Good news for iPhone users, facebook’s new iPhone app 3.1.2 is now available on the App Store. After the release of a new version which offered push notification address book contacts syncing. The new iPhone app version 3.1.2 came after few days of it, because many people commented that they faced many problems while managing […]

Turning Your iPhone Into a Security “Spy” Camera

Usually the camera’s in iPhone tends to serve only the basic function like zoom in-out, timer mode, multiple shots etc. iPhone 3GS features a stunning 3.2 Megapixel camera which performs basic function just like any other camera, but some features which are missing in the camera software and should be there built-in, fortunately there are […]

SmoothBoard App for Jailbroken iPhones Lets You Scroll Multiple Pages of Springboard With One Swipe

iPhone users who have installed several application on their iPhone must be feeling awkward in managing applications and swiping pages multiple times to launch a particular app which may be on the last page of the Springboard. The reason behind this is that the Springboard “locks” when you are swiping pages and lets you to […]

GV Mobile Found Its Way To The iPhone

Here is a good news for Jailbroken iPhone users; a newer and updated version of GV Mobile (Google voice app) has been released called GV Mobile+ app which offers tons of new features compared to old one. The man who developed the iPhone app, Sean Kovacs, announced on his blog that the updated version GV […]

iBluenova Lets iPhone Users Send and Receive Files Over Bluetooth

MeDevil has launched an iPhone app iBluenova, it is a successor of iBluetooth. iBluenova’s beta version has been released and given to some selected beta testers. This iPhone app allows the users of jailbeoken iPhone to transfer files via Bluetooth. Since iPhone’s launch there were some features which were missing, thanks to Medevil to make […]

Transfer contacts from and to SIM card in iPhone – SIManager

Despite all amazing functions iphone brought to us, there was some missing, the ability to transfer contacts from and to the SIM card. It’s been a while since there were rumors about an application that will take care of this functionality for iPhone users. Finally it’s out its SIManager, an application developed by Giovanni Chiappini. […]