How to print documents from IPHONE or IPAD

AirPrint Activator v1.0 offers a solution for Macs to set up wireless printing with iOS 4.2 with any printer shared on your network…

Pirata Boat Race games use both PC and iPhone/iPod Touch

Pirata Boat game has been created by ‘Pirata London’ and features to use iPhone/iPod Touch as a remote to play the game right on your PC screens. It is a virtual boat race game in which 5 persons can board a single boat and race with other contestants.

How iPhone 4 is better than iPhone 3GS; Head to Head

iPhone 4 has been released, and offers some amazing features. iPhone 4 is far much better then iPhone 3Gs. Here in this post we have compared the features of iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS and there is no doubt the iPhone 4 is winner.           

New iPhone 4 Features: Steve Jobs Unveils iPhone With HD Video

The CEO of Apple Steve Jobs started a Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco where he announced the next generation iPhone “iPhone-4”. Although the news of iPhone-4 leaked but Apple stayed with their plan and announced the 4th generation of iPhone model. Just like earlier when new generation of iPhone were launched the selling […]

Apple iPhone 4 Released: Price, Highlights and Key Features

Here is awesome news for all the iPhone users, iPhone 4 has been released. iPhone 4 contains many awesome features, it’s design is unique, brand new as compared to other iPhone 3G and 3GS. Features:

Use Firmware Umbrella to get your ipad sHSH files – free download

It’s a common fact and all iPad users know that now they can easily jailbreak their iPad, but apart from that it’s very important to save your iPad SHSH files with Saurik’s server in order to protect and save the jailbreak-ability of your iPad. It has become very simple and easy to save SHSH files, […]

How to – Downgrade iPhone 2G 3G OS 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 or lower

Earlier the Dev Team warned the iPhone users not to upgrade their iPhone to 3.1.3, to preserve their broadband and wait till the next version of Pwnage Tool. The reason behind this is that upgrading to 3.1.3 with Ultrasn0w/Blacksn0w will caused the iPhone users lose their unlock and will unable to get it back. The […]

How to – Get 3.1.3 SHSH Signature Files for iPhone Running on 3.1.2

Here is good news now you can save your SHSH files in Cydia no matter what firmware you are funning, and this is done by Saurik, they have developed a way through which you can save your files in Cydia. In a few weeks time you’ll be able to save your 3.1.3 SHSH’s files in […]

RedEye mini – Turn iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into Universal Remote

  The original RedEye by ThinkFlood was quite a show off, but it was also very expensive and complicated. Although it’s been just four months since its launch, but as new technologies are coming day by day, we can say that it is now a history. However, anew and advanced technology RedEye mini is conquering […]

Snappy 2.0 iPhone App Adds Video for iPhone 3GS, MMS and Geotagging Support

For those people who have jailbroken their iPhone, here is a new application for their iPhone, “Snappy” a camera app that launches quickly, without stopping or exiting from any other running apps.   It can be directly access from the lock screen or your iPhone Just tap and hold the status bar to launch it […]