Guide to Download and Install ProSwitcher Beta Palm Pre like Multitasking

Earlier this month we published coming soon proswitcher free opensource multitasking iphone app for jailbroken iphones. To have an interface where you can see all the applications that are being run on your iPhone at a time would be a delight. The expectations of iPhone users were fulfilled by ProSwitcher, whose first beta release was launched a few days back. It displays all the applications being run at the same time and gives the option of scrolling right and left for quick changeover. One application already doing similar business but not quite as good is Multiflow, its users would definitely like to try ProSwitcher for the following reasons:

  • To increase the visibility of the previews the background is dark.
  • A single clink on the [X] sign on the top left coner will close that particular application.
  • The dock can be made visible or hidden.
  • A swipe on the preview closes the applications in the background.

The central thought behind ProSwitcher is to leap from one application to other by simply leaving the previous in the background.

Below is Step by Step guide to install the beta version of ProSwitcher:

Note: You Have to have Backgrounder to use ProSwitcher. Refer below video to know how to install Backgrounder in Cydia.

Step One: Open Cydia from the springboard of your device


Step Two: In Cydia tap Manage.


Step Three: Tap Sources


Step Four: Tap Edit.


Step Five: Tap Add.


Step Six: Enter Cydia/APT URL as and tap Add Source


Step Seven: Search for ProSwitcher in Cydia Search area.


Step Eight: Tap ProSwitcher and then Tap “Install” to install the application.


Step Nine: Tap “Confirm” to Confirm Installation.


Step Ten: Restart device and find ProSwitcher icon on the springboard.


Enjoy ProSwitcher application. . .


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