Facebook iPhone App 3.1.2 Released: Fixes Bug Causing Incorrect Matches in Address Book Sync & More

Good news for iPhone users, facebook’s new iPhone app 3.1.2 is now available on the App Store. After the release of a new version which offered push notification address book contacts syncing. The new iPhone app version 3.1.2 came after few days of it, because many people commented that they faced many problems while managing the address book contacts syncing.

Facebook-3-For-iPhone Facebook iPhone App 3 Facebook iPhone App 3

To quote reader on some blog “Jon”:

"Syncing is horribly implemented. There’s no feature to manually select which contacts/friends you would like synced. The app itself automatically chooses which facebook user, not friend, is synced to each contact in your iPhone contact list. The reason I say "facebook user" and not "facebook friend" is because it will sync random facebook users to iPhone contacts with the same name; even if you aren’t friends with said random facebook user. Sometimes, there doesn’t even need to be common name! It synced a phone contact I have listed as "Susie Accident in Alhambra" to someone on Facebook named "Ehl. Edizon" from some Spanish speaking country who I’ve never met, I’m not even facebook friends withm and don’t even have any mutual friends with!"

Facebook has claimed and confirmed that in this new version they have cleared all the bugs causing incorrect matches for contacts with same name, have rectified the address book syncing and have resolved and fixed some other problems.

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