How to Minimize Windows 7 Media Player (WMP12) to Taskbar as Mini Toolbar (Taskband/Deskband)

Windows 7 comes up with media player 12 (WMP12), in windows 7 the icons are replaced by button on taskbar, where as earlier in windows vista with windows media player 11 (WMP11), the windows media player toolbar could be minimized as mini toolbar. But that’s not the case in windows 7, it does not allow windows media player (WMP12) to minimize to mini toolbar in taskbar.


With this problem, many users switched to windows media player 11 as an alternative for window media player 12 in windows 7, just for the reason to get back the WMP toolbar in their taskbar. But now there is nothing to worry, Justin Buser has a solution for the windows 7 users to get back to the Windows Media Player toolbar for windows media player 12.

Let us now discuss how to re-enable Windows Media Player 12 toolbar in Taskbar of Windows 7, and also the mini toolbar for Windows Media Player 12. Unfortunately, WMP icon or button does not hidden and made disappeared from Windows 7 Taskbar to replace with just a mini toolbar, although the toolbar itself already comes with volume adjustment, backward, forward, pause, play and other controls. Thus, it makes the toolbar for WMP12 kind of redundant.

You have to do it manually by just following few steps;

  • The first thing you need to do is get a copy of wmpband.dll from windows vista, but it should be from same operating system (32-bit: and 64-bit: This provides the functionality of WMP toolbar on Taskbar. Download them alternatively.
  • Then copy wmpband.dll into %ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\folder of windows 7 (with WMP12).
  • Then browse to
    • Control Panel
    • Then go to System and Security
    • After that to Administrative Tools
    • And then open Services panel
  • Click on Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service to Stop it.


  • After that, open a command prompt as administrator.
  • Then Run and Execute the following command: Regsvr32”%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmpband.dll”
  • Then restart the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.
  • Start Windows Media Player 12.
  • Then minimize the windows of WMP.
  • Right click on windows Taskbar, and select Toolbars, and choose Windows Media Player from the list.


  • Then Windows Media Player Toolbar will appear close to notification area, as seen below.


“The Windows Media Player toolbar isn’t compatible with this version of windows. If you continue, the toolbar might appear incorrectly. To check for an updated version, go to the software publisher’s website. Do you want this toolbar on your taskbar?” In the case of the above error message just click “yes” to continue. If there is any problem in enabling WMP12, repeat the steps again after rebooting.

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