SmoothBoard App for Jailbroken iPhones Lets You Scroll Multiple Pages of Springboard With One Swipe

iPhone users who have installed several application on their iPhone must be feeling awkward in managing applications and swiping pages multiple times to launch a particular app which may be on the last page of the Springboard.


The reason behind this is that the Springboard “locks” when you are swiping pages and lets you to scroll only one page at a time.

The developer of different iPhone app such as Multifl0w for jailbroken iPhone, Aaron Ash has solved this problem, and developed a twist which will enable the iPhone users to flawlessly scroll across app on several pages of Springboard. Aaron Ash has removed the lock that was present their by default in the Springboard with a help of new app called the “SmoothBoard” which automatically removes the lock in the SpringBoard and enable you to scroll through different pages seamlessly.

Aaron Ash describes the iPhone app as:

"Springboard doesn’t ‘lock’ when scrolling. A big swipe can scroll through multiple pages instead of only one page per swipe. If you stop scrolling Springboard won’t "snap" to the nearest page, it will just stay in between pages.There are a few minor bugs. (like springboard snapping to the nearest page when an app is opened) But it does not hinder any functionality, and you can still move icons around just fine."

This iPhone app is available at Cydia and can be downloaded free of cost. Do let us know about your experiences and what you think of this new app by iPhone?

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