Smooth Movie: Video Processing App To Smooth Out Shaky Videos On iPhone

Here is a good news for the iPhone users who like to make videos from there iPhone to preserve special moments, but sometime while recording the video continues movement of your hand makes the video a shaky.


But now on iPhone 3GS you can easily fix your shaky with Smooth Movie 1.0. It is a video processing utility apps that smooth you smoky video. Now you don’t need to first download your movie on desktop and then fix it, that all is done by smooth movie 1.0, it analyzes shaky video on your iPhone and applies an image stabilization algorithm to the frames, which as a result gives a much smoother movie.


Smooth movie is video stabilization app that is only available on app store. It offers levels of smoothing quality which is enough for the shaky videos on your iPhone. After processing, you can save the smooth movie in your iPhone for using it in the future for viewing, emailing and uploading videos. You can download the smooth movie 1.0 from Apple app store for $1.99.

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