Now Create Free Ringtones for iPhone on Windows

Creating ring tones for your iphone, on your PC that too for free. Don’t you believe it? If not then better believe it!! It has become true in the form of iRinger. Another highlight of iRinger is that it does not need installation, simply double click it to run the application and export the ringtones directly to your iPhone.


The fact that such sizzling application can be free makes people think. Same question was asked to the developer to the application. He replied:

“iRinger has an advertisement window placed in the program which generates revenue towards iRinger. If you donate a minimum of 10$ US, a Donation Key will be sent to you as a gift! This key will close the iRinger advertisement window as well as unlock hidden features.”

So if you really is bothered by the popping up of the advertisement window then pay $10 and get rid of it and enjoy extra added features. It works fine otherwise as well.

How to use the application:

Download the application iRinger and open the program and an option screen will appear.


Audio clip that you want to convert to ringtone is imported by simply clicking the import button. Press preview button to listen to the audio clip and use the scaling graph in the upper window to select the start point. Pressing the export button will export the finalized clip length.


Exporting the ringtone to itunes is the next step. This is done by simply checking the “Export to iTunes” checkbox.


You have successfully exported the ringtone to your iTunes. All you need to do now is to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes to install the imported ringtone. iRinger works perfectly with Windows 7 , iPhone 3G OS 3.1.2 and iTunes 9.0.2.

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  • Ladawn Sippy says:

    Hey…I found your blog on Google and I am very impressed by its content…I will definetely visit again

  • Milan Stetz says:

    Good thing, your site formats perfectly on my new Droid, didnt format properly on my old cell.

  • Jack @ free ringtones says:

    You could always create ringtones on Windows by using Cooledit or many of the other high end audio packages with the correct plugin.

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