iTV Goggles: your private theatre


Popularity of Eye Wears

Eye wears and goggles have been popular since years and with the advancement of technology they are becoming more compact and efficient. The reason of the popularity is mainly due to the privacy which they provide. Other than that, it also saves you a theatre space. Well, if you are not familiar with eye wears then I guess you have been sleeping since years. Jokes apart, iTV goggles are one of the finest among the family of the goggles.

iTV Goggles with two models

iTV goggles are available in two models casting a video image of 50 inch or 80 inch depending on the model you choose. They have been embedded with two LCD screens which help users see a large virtual screen as if they have been sitting in the theatre alone. I bet you won’t try Halloween movies on that or else you will be freaked out or something.

Extra Features

The larger the better, 80 inch screen model provides 3D support, stereo air buds and last but not least is its 4 ~ 5 hours battery timing which will enable you to watch 2 movies in a row without a break providing you have enough pop corns left in your hands after the first movie.

iTV Google – How much does it cost?

The best part is the compatibility which iTV provides. It can be attached to a DVD player, iPod, Music Players, TV and game consoles. The 50 inch model is available at $180 while 80 inch is expensive comparatively which is being sold at $310.

iTV Official Site


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