New Version of Google Mobile iPhone App Now Available On App Store

Google has launched a new version of Google Mobile iPhone app which is now available on the Apple App Store, in this app the main focus is on providing the users’ faster and easier access to the information they need. This app has made a significant improvement in the providing the results.

Earlier, iPhone users complained of problems they faced in iPhone app, that search results opened in Safari rather than from within iPhone App. This new version of Google Mobile iPhone App has solved the problem by making search results open from inside the app itself

Following are screen shorts for the application:

1. Google iPhone Application 2. Google iPhone Application 3. Google iPhone Application

There have been some tremendous improvements regarding the customization of the iPhone app. Like, in order to convey results (your voice) to voice-based search more precisely, iPhone app has now enabled you to select your own preferred accent. No matter in which country you are, you can select your own language accent and the app will be able to recognize your requests better.

In Google Mobile iPhone app now all the features are made more prominent for the users to customize the app according to their choice of favorite colors and shades. This app is available and can be downloaded for free.

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