How to Set Custom Incoming SMS Alert Tone On Your iPhone

Do you want to customize your incoming SMS alert tone? All you need to do is follow the following steps and have a Jailbroken iPhone.


Using Custom SMS Alert Tone

Step 1: You need to have some sound clip to be used as an alert. This can be in your iPhone or you can open iTunes and add it to your iTunes library.

Step 2: If you are a Windows user, press Ctrl and open Preferences on your iTunes library.

And if you are using Mac, press Cmd to open Preferences on your iTunes library.

Step 3: Click the Import Setting button in General Tab.


Step 4: You have to now select ‘AIFF coder’ from the drop down menu in the ‘Import Using’ option.

Step 5: Now right click the on the sound clip you wish to set as a tone in the music library to Create AIFF Version. This will create a duplicate version of the sound clip you created.

Step 6: The duplicate version of the sound clip now needs to be put back on the desktop and renamed as sms-received6.caf. Actually anyone of the six incoming SMS tone slots can be used, from sms-received1.caf to sms-received6.caf.

Step 7: Press Settings > WiFi and tap the blue arrow against your WiFi network. Note down your iPhone’s IP address. All this is done in your iPhone Springboard.

Step 8: Launch Fugu from your application founder and enter SSH credentials. Remember that your username should be root.

Step 9: You will have to enter your password in the next screen to authenticate. If not sure about your password, you may use ‘alpnie’


Step 10: Now open the GoTo window and enter ‘/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/. Select Remotely and click Go.

Step 11: On the right plane of the Window, look out for the sound clip sms-received6.caf. You have to now rename the sound clip to sms-received6.caf.bak. This can be done by right clicking or Control-click on the file.

Step 12: Drag the sound clip from left pane and bring it to right pane. An easier way to perform the same task is to use the DiskAid tool to copy the sound clip to UISounds folder.

Step 13: Reboot your iPhone and go to Settings > Sounds > Next Text Message.


Step 14: Now select the sound clip in the list and start using it. sms-received6.caf if you had used the sixth slot.

Step 15: You now have a custom incoming Alert tone for your iPhone.

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