Cyder: Download and Install Cydia Apps on iPhone Without Using Internet


Attention, here is good news for those iPhone users, who were unable to use Cydia due to unavailability of data connectivity on their handset, here is Cyder2 a free windows utility that allows;

  • You to browse,
  • Download Cydia apps on you iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Manage Cydia apps on you iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Is a software application that enables you to access Cydia Apps from Desktop
  • It allows you to download application into device from desktop.
  • Unofficial and unapproved application in jailbreak iPhone can be easily installed without need of Wi-Fi or data connectivity
  • Enables users to add, remove, and edit the Cydia repository sources
  • Synchronize the data with Cydia from their desktop computer

Cyder2 is a window based program which does not require any prior installation through this you can download, manage packages, and transfer content to Cydia Cache or Auto installer folder.


  • Install application onto your iPhone or iPod Touch by connecting to PC through USB
  • Cyder allows importing Sources from Cydia
  • Cydia Auto Setup: reboot of iPhone to finish installation of the debs.
  • Install with Mobile Terminal or private or var or even cache for Cydia Cache
  • Compatibility with AppCake, a Cydia application that allows users to install file debs
  • Download and store Cydia along with its dependencies on your computer

Download Cyder2 for free. . .

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