EA to Launch NFS-Shift for iPhone very soon

Its is time for all video game lovers, especially those who crave for NFS “Need For Speed” on their iPhones. Electronic Arts “EA” is about to release its NFS application for iPhone called Need For Speed: Shift. The game is going to have 20 licensed cars, 18 different tracks and different game modes such as […]

Backup and Restore Cydia Applications using PkgBackup

What would you do if you have to install a new firmware on your iPhone and have a lot of Cydia packages installed as well? One option is to delete everything and then reinstall if you remember them. The other option, the much better one is PkgBackup. It too is a Cydia application which allows […]

Most Popular Free iPhone applications – 2009

All of us know that iPhone has been the most liked phone in the recent history and its application developers have been doing a great job. Presented to you here are the most popular iPhone applications and posts for the year 2009. This collection of most popular iPhone applications is not official but based on […]

Guide to Download and Install ProSwitcher Beta Palm Pre like Multitasking

Earlier this month we published coming soon proswitcher free opensource multitasking iphone app for jailbroken iphones. To have an interface where you can see all the applications that are being run on your iPhone at a time would be a delight. The expectations of iPhone users were fulfilled by ProSwitcher, whose first beta release was […]

Frings iPhone App making Video Calls possible on iPhone

Conbination of iPhones and video calls seemed impossible but now it is reality. Thanks to an Israel based mobile VoIP service provider called Fring that has not only made it possible for iPhone but also for Nokia smartphone and iPod Touch users. These calls are made using WiFi service.

iPhone 2G / iPhone 3G can now Record Videos using iPhone Application, iVideo Camera

Application developers are doing a good job in making the Apple’s Application Store attractive day after day. It took some time to make certain things possible on iPhone, that too on the older version iPhone 2G. Now Video recording is also possible after successful live video streaming and live video broadcasting applications. iVideo Camera revolutionized […]

iDroid Can’t – Apple Rejects iPhone App Promoting Motorola Droid

Anything that the Apple and its fan club are irked with is the “Everything iDont, Droid Does” campaign by Verizone. Amongst all iPhone competitors the most strident campaigner has been the Motorola Droid. With such a charming relation and competition it would be surprising if an iPhone application named after Droid makes it through Apple’s […]

Has Apple Turned Over A Fresh Leaf In Its App Approval Policies?

iPhone application developers has always been angry due to Apple’s strict policies defined by iPhone App Review staff. But, lately, Apple has project a different stance on the process of app approval by not making it a process rather than making the App store family friendly with the third party applications. For the last few […]

Live Stream Video Between iPhones With Knocking Live Video iPhone App

Close on the heels of the iPhone getting its first video calling service from Fring comes another app that enables live video streaming between iPhones. Video calling service is next in line from apple right now but first there is something else, another application that has enabled live video streaming between iPhones. Pointy heads Software […]

Apple’s Phil Schiller Says App Review Staff Is Your Friend – How Can App Approval Be Made Better?

News that has been around in the recent past is regarding application approval policies of Apple. Apple has been inconsistent and rigid in its policy making regarding its applications and has faced the biggest opposition from the developer community. The issue came into light once again after leading developer of Facebook application for iPhone quit […]