Restore Nexus One To Factory Default Settings

Previously with Android 2.0 or less, to restore Nexus One, one had to go through a recovery process which was time taking and frustratingly technical. But with Android 2.1 which is the latest OS running on Nexus One, restoring it to factory settings has become very easy.

To reset Nexus One to factory defaults, just go to Settings –> Privacy –> Factory Data Reset.

A warning will be given about what this option will do. Let’s go through the warning as a whole:

This will erase all data from your phone including:

  • Your Google account
  • System and application data and settings
  • Downloaded applications

It will not erase:

  • Current system software and bundled applications
  • SD card files, such as music or photos

You can see in the last that with this option, the data in SD card will not be destroyed. So you can transfer all your important data to your SD card and press Reset phone. The phone will be reset to factory defaults.

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