Yellow Switch – A solution to confusing Control Boards

yellow switch – Never get confused again, you will always know which button turns on your fan.

Project your map with MAPTOR

MAPTOR – a portable map projector which would help you eliminate the need for paper maps and at the same time keeping you on track.

Portable Cigarette Case that can jam cell phone signals

Portable Cigarette Case which can be used to jam cell phone signals in all the networks including GSM, CDMA, DCS and even 3G.

light bulb in your wallet – ‘Doulex LED pocket Card Light’

It is about the size of a credit card. So, keep your light bulb in your wallet for emergency situations.

You won’t run out of USB ports with ‘Infinite USB’ concept

Infinite USB concept can be used to plug USBs in a cascade. It is a killer concept that can fix the problem of the shortage of USB ports.

How to stop P2P data breaches

Many companies uses peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing network to share their data with their employees within the company. But that has been the most insecure method to transfer confidential data; Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has notified hundreds of US businesses that their confidential data is seen by many unauthorized users on the web. And many […]

Watch Live TV Channel for free – Dunya News

Now you can watch Live TV Channel on Watch live TV Channels and keep yourself informed . . .

Let your friends hear your iPad stuff loud with i-Luv iSP150 speaker

iLuv iSP150 can be attached to your portable devices like laptops, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc to deliver a high quality sound to your ears.

iTV Goggles: your private theatre

iTV Goggles provide user with bigger virtual screen of 50 or 80 inch. Real experience of a private theatre.

Prime Gaming Laptop Concept will make gaming experience rock!

prime gaming laptop would enhance the gaming experience by extending the laptop screen from 10 to 26 inches.