Convert YouTube Videos to a screen saver

That will be a good hack! It took me some time before I learnt how to do this with tools and software free of charge but don’t worry; I will be sharing the process in a simple way so that it can save your precious time. Now note that the process of this conversion will [...]

Convert Flash Files (swf) to a screen saver

If you love to make animations in flash then you will be quite exited to know that you can convert your master pieces to your screen saver. The procedure is illustrated in detail as follows: First, download InstantStorm from the following URL: document.getElementById(“post-178-blankimage”).onload();

Convert between video formats for free

I feel it quite frustrated when searching for the video conversion tools since they are always trial versions and of course with the trial there comes limitations of use as well. I usually have to do conversion for my iphone. This time, searching for the video conversion tool, I got lucky enough to come across [...]

LightShot, The fastest way to do a customizable screenshot

  Image: LightShot Today I came across this simple tool of taking snaps of the selected portion of the desktop. After the installation was over, I tried to use it and guess what? I didn’t know how to move on with it. I found a purple leaf icon on my taskbar and I knew that’s [...]

Download Shrink Pic and reduce Image size

It is quite obvious that an iPhone user will be using its camera and then uploading or sharing the same. To upload or share large images was a problem and it took minutes. Now the iPhone users can use the services of “Shrink Pic” an application that us easy to use and a perfect tool [...]

Classic Options Possible on Windows 7

Thank you to Classic Shell for giving back the users of Windows some of the features they had been missing in Windows 7 and Vista but were present in XP. Biggest and popular most example being the Classic Main Menu. It is free and has an open source. Double thumbs up!! It gives you the [...]

Comparison of Different Operating Systems – How To

Most of us spend hours looking for the perfect computer for us but mostly overlook the operating system ‘OS’. For a normal user it is a difficult task to choose an OS. Here I will help you know what to look for when choosing and OS. The best way to choose is after comparison with [...]

Flickery 1.7, better than ever?

Flickery is a Mac-based client for Flickr, a great resource for photos, which can search,browse, upload and download photos from Flickr. Other than that, you can share photos on twitter,email and even on your blog with Flickery. It is a great time saver and has an outstanding interface. Last October, Flickery 1.6 was released with [...]

Facebook gadget for windows

image: Facebook Gadget for your desktop Sometimes my friends complain that I don’t even have time to reply them on a facebook. Yes, that’s true to some extent because about two months ago I was in mess since I had a lot of tasks to do and no time, you can say mismanagement. So, I [...]

easiest way to Change your DNS to google DNS Servers

At the start of this month, Google announced its free DNS service. You can read about the announcement here. At that time, I included the method to change your DNS address to Google but what if you have some wireless connection like WiMAX or CDMA EvDO and want to change the DNS address? The difficulty [...]