AquaSnap Brings Enhanced Aero Effects to Windows XP Through Windows 7

Here is good news for all Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista users, “AquaSnap” a new and free multifunctional tweaking application. AquaSnap enhances your Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista with Aero-style effects. It is a free firmware and works with Windows XP through Windows 7. document.getElementById(“post-380-blankimage”).onload();

TaskSwitchXP – Smart way to Switch between the programs

TaskSwitchXP provides you a nice preview in switching between the programs while holding ALT+TAB keys.

How to – Scan Your Computer For Changes in Registry and File Settings by Malware and Spyware

Many a time’s changes made by Malware and spyware make your computer very slow. Which is very irritating quite some time, but now you can easily scan your computer using “Trend Micro HijackThis” it’s a freeware utility, it generates an in depth report of registry and file setting which helps you in removing needless changes [...]

Best free antivirus – SMART VIRUS REMOVER

Here is good news for those people who are sick and tired of viruses in their computer and have installed many antivirus removers but still can’t remove all the viruses, “SMART VIRUS REMOVER” is a small but very effective and useful program (Thanks to It can remove 50 different viruses. Its unique feature not [...]

How to – On Network, Windows asks for password on shared folders

Many a time’s windows ask for the password on shared folders on our home network. And it is the most common problem faced by many users when they make a home network using Windows Workgroup, and windows starts asking for the username and password but usually the user name is not asked and is set [...]

Windows 7 – Manage settings in one place

Many people are facing difficulty in getting use-to with the new interface of Window, since the launch of Windows Vista. The locations of many settings have been changed and people find it difficult to locate setting, which are almost different from that in Windows XP. This problem has now been solved by “Windows 7 in [...]

How to delete your YouTube Account?

Step by step procedure with snapshots on how to delete your youtube account.

Download Firefox 3.6.2

Firefox version 3.6.2 has been released which fixes some of the security and stability issues. Download it as follows:

‘Auto Mute’ 2.7 can mute your computer on start up

Auto Mute 2.7 enables you to mute your computer while starting up or shutting down. It can also mute the screen saver background volume.

How to stop P2P data breaches

Many companies uses peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing network to share their data with their employees within the company. But that has been the most insecure method to transfer confidential data; Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has notified hundreds of US businesses that their confidential data is seen by many unauthorized users on the web. And many [...]