A technology that transfers information from computers to different supporting devices is Windows SideShow. As its name makes it obvious, it is only compatible with Windows devices. The information such as email’s, calendar, news, reminder, pictures e.t.c, can be transferred to a device can be updated/transferred even if on sleep mode or if the computer [...]

War Craft 3: Error “Windows NT not supported” on Windows Vista

image: War Craft War Craft 3 is one of the most popular games around the world but it has some known issues on windows vista such as the one mentioned in the title. Last week, I visited one of my friend’s house and I felt excited to know that he bought a new War Craft [...]

Classic Options Possible on Windows 7

Thank you to Classic Shell for giving back the users of Windows some of the features they had been missing in Windows 7 and Vista but were present in XP. Biggest and popular most example being the Classic Main Menu. It is free and has an open source. Double thumbs up!! It gives you the [...]

Comparison of Different Operating Systems – How To

Most of us spend hours looking for the perfect computer for us but mostly overlook the operating system ‘OS’. For a normal user it is a difficult task to choose an OS. Here I will help you know what to look for when choosing and OS. The best way to choose is after comparison with [...]

How to remove a folder showing an error “Cannot delete folder: It is being used by another person or program”

You surely have met errors while renaming, deleing or moving some file or a folder. When you do some of these operations on a file/folder which is currently open or is in use by some other application, you get any of the following messages: 1) The file is in use by another program or user. [...]

Find the culprit for blue Screen of death!

My laptop’s built-in adapter became faulty about an year ago. At that time, I bought D-Link  Fast Ethernet USB 2.0 adapter (DUB-E100). Truly speaking, this adapter has given me a lot of grief since then. I tried it on both XP and windows 7 but nothing improved. What’s ugly about it is that it makes [...]

How to change MAC address in windows 7

Today, I installed a software which I activated on a different PC before but it gave an error of MAC address check failure. It was actually checking MAC address from license. Right after that, I started online search for a utility to change MAC address in windows 7. In XP, there were free utilities available [...]