Your New Germ-Free Zone: Its extremely easy to make ‘CleanKeys’ keyboard clean


Snap: CleanKeys Keyboard

According to the study at University of Arizona, it has been revealed that office workstations are dirtier than a bathroom. A computer keyboard harbors up to 3295 microbes PSI (Per Square Inch), a mouse usually has about 1676 microbes PSI and lastly telephones hold the most microbes for you and the figure is 25127 microbes PSI while a toilet seat only has about 49 microbes PSI. Woo!!

Well, this information has made me feel somewhat uncomfortable with office terminals. I mostly use my personal laptop in the office but sometimes I have to work on office terminals as well. So, I am totally clueless about the remedy of this stuff.

Today, I came across news of a company called ‘CleanKeys’ which has rolled out a new keyboard designed especially to make it easy when it comes to cleaning. As the snap shows, the keyboard is all flat with keys just like a text written on a flat sheet. That’s a perfect keyboard for offices where computer keyboards are usually shared amongst the employees.

The CleanKey Keyboard has a touch pad, to be used as a mouse, on the bottom right. So, we are having a complete solution of mouse and a keyboard in one package. Additionally, it will save your port as well. One more feature that will make you jump, it is completely water proof. So, don’t worry if you are in a habit of putting a coffee cup near the keyboard while working.

Here are some of the places where this keyboard can be used:

No keyboard is better or faster at eliminating bacterial contamination. That’s why Cleankeys is ideal for aseptic use in dental offices or medical environments. Infection control just got easier. A lot easier.
For more information, click here to view our Studies page.
Factories. Mills. Warehouses. Workplaces like these aren’t known for their cleanliness. Neither are regular keyboards. Bring in Cleankeys and your keyboard becomes the cleanest piece of equipment there is.
Most keyboards aren’t used by just one person. Think schools, stores and kiosks. Colds, flus and other infections can spread out of control. Cleankeys stops the spread and puts you in control.
Somebody just spilled juice on the keyboard. Maybe it was the toddler. Maybe it was you. Use a regular keyboard? Clean it up one sticky key at a time. Use Cleankeys? Spray and wipe it clean in seconds.

Initially, the users will get a feeler of tapping a surface with no feeling of the keys. However, with time this can be adjusted. What cannot be adjusted is its tag price of $400 which will definitely give a set back to bulk buyers as it is about 5 times more expensive than a normal keyboard. I guess people will take risk with the germs than paying high for this clean stuff.

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