You won’t run out of USB ports with ‘Infinite USB’ concept


We have been writing a lot about how we can extend the USB ports so that all our gadgets can be juiced up at the same time. For that purpose, we introduced Super USB hub, that supported 24 USB ports, and Chargepod that charged multiple gadgets at the same time. But here is a killer concept introduced by Gonglue Jiang, a researcher and designer. It is known as “Infinite USB” model that could be used to accommodate infinite USBs utilizing a single USB port. The following image tells the whole story.


I am quite doubtful if it could actually hold infinite USBs because there is a limited amount of energy that the gadgets can draw from a single port. Secondly, lots of USB look quite weird and confusing. However, the designer has included a different color to each of the USB plugs so that it can be distinguished.

[via jianggonglue]


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