Yellow Switch – A solution to confusing Control Boards


It happens a lot that when you go to someone’s home or office, you get confused if you have to turn on the light, a fan or any other electronics. That’s because the control board has all the switches with the same color and shape and doesn’t tell you which equipment will be affected against each button. So, you might end up turning on a fan instead of energy saver.

Now, according to the design presented by Heo Jaesik and Lim Hojoon, we can have a wired diagram of all the electronics on the control board itself. So, pressing the right button for a fan wouldn’t be a problem.


By the way, it would be more appropriate if we have a wireless remote control having such a diagram. We probably are moving towards an era where we will have that but unfortunately the remote control wouldn’t be useful in muting nagging wives and mother-in-laws.

[via yankodesign]

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