Wireless Storage device for IPHONE


Image: AirStash to expand storage wirelessly

When I first bought IPHONE with an 8GB of storage, I thought this much storage would be enough for me to last life time but I never knew how much data I would have in future to store in a phone. Secondly, I am not a big fan of cleaning old data to make some space for a new one;after all we are used to ‘unlimited email storage’ kind of a thing, right?

A good break for storage stuff here as AirStash is going to release its device which is capable of becoming a wireless storage making internal disk storage constraints part of the past . The device has a USB port on one side and an SD Slot on the other side. Here is how it works, charge the device, copy data to the memory card and throw it in to your pocket, that’s all, now you will be able to connect to this storage wirelessly through IPHONE. An interesting fact is that not only you but your friends sitting around can also access the stuff if you want them to.

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