Video Tutorial To Turn iPhone And iPod Touch into iPad

When I first read about the iPad, I thought” What good is this big thing going to be when I can have iPod fit in my pocket.” This is exactly what most of the Apple fans and iPhone/iPod users think. It dose not have any added features other than a big screen. It is a disappointment for Apple fans because of the lack of necessary features.

apple-ipad-1 apple-iphone-3g ipod-touch

It is not only the screen size that broke many hearts but the standard iPhone OS which is shared by all three gadgets is another reason to feel sad. Because all of them use the same OS, it is possible to convert your iPhone or iPod touch into an iPad. It will look and feel exactly similar to iPad. Similar applications will be downloadable, such as iBook. It will have similar lockscreen and springboard background and career logo which is iPad.

To convert your iPhone or iPod into an iPad you need to jailbreak your gadget. Click here to see the steps to Jailbreak your iPhone to firmware 3.1.3.

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone you can see the video below for instructions to convert it into an iPad.


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