Turning Your iPhone Into a Security “Spy” Camera

Usually the camera’s in iPhone tends to serve only the basic function like zoom in-out, timer mode, multiple shots etc. iPhone 3GS features a stunning 3.2 Megapixel camera which performs basic function just like any other camera, but some features which are missing in the camera software and should be there built-in, fortunately there are some application which provide us features missing in the iPhone camera. “Snapture” is one of the famous applications in this regard.

iPhone’s camera can be used in doing some more exciting things…..like Spying. Yes, an application has been approved to AppStore by which you can use your iPhone’s camera for not just only taking pictures or shooting video but for some other useful measures like Spying.

Security Camera

This iPhone application will save your cost in installing security cameras, this app has come from Crowded Road to AppStore and is called “security cam” but usually know as “Spy Cam” which makes it more exciting. This application will cost you for $0.99 US Dollars.

The application is very simple and comes up with very basic features, it comes with two modes; take picture based on time intervals, or take picture when the iPhone microphone detects sound. The user has to decide what to use but it also has some additional features which allows the user to choose both the modes simultaneously. In this way the picture can be taken by time-intervals and upon detecting sound using iPhone’s microphone. But it lacks some features like it cannot capture video or record a sound.

Whole of this process can consume a lot of your battery, so in order to make this application power saving there built-in feature in the application which allows the iPhone to sleep after a certain period of time but it won’t stop the Spy Cam from spying.

iPhone Security Camera App

The application had some risk regarding security, which caused the delay of one year of its approval by Apple. The risk were genuine which could lead to misuse of application in invading people’s privacy, spying other people’s home etc and this concern was by the owner of this app in CNET News;

“The app was first submitted to Apple back in December of 2008, where it remained in review purgatory before finally getting approved earlier this week.”

It is upon the user how the use the application because spying on some can lead you in legal trouble, which you surely don’t want to end up with. So you have to be very careful in using this application and also you have to be cautious because someone else could be spying on you.

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