Turn Office Paper to Toilet paper with White Goat


Here we have an automatic machine which turns office paper to toilet paper rolls. This massive machine has been built by a Japanese company named ORIENTAL and what it does is take 40 A4 sized shredded paper sheets and convert them to a toilet paper roll in just about 30 minutes. You don’t need to buy a separate paper shredding machine since it has one built-in machine to shred your office paper. No jokes here but this machine is called ‘White Goat’. I would’ve chosen a better name if I were in charge of the development.

The working of the ‘White Goat’ also seems to be quite simple and environment friendly. It shreds the paper which is then dissolved in water making it thin. The thin paper is then dried out and converted to the toilet roll. As per the company’s statement, it takes 10 YEN ($0.11) to make one roll, pretty sleek. Lastly, regular use of the machine will save 60 cedar trees annually.

Now the question is who will buy this fat ‘White Goat’ weighing 600Kg with a price tag of $100,000. Of course, you will have to think if it worth it. The machine will be available in Japan this summer. Take a look at the following demonstration by the company representative.

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