Throw the Wires Away, Use Belkin Flywire

If you are tired of taking cables along with you, or laying them in your house to give yourself access to the songs, TV and videos, you need to go out and get yourself a gadget from Amimon’s. It is a Wireless Home Digital Interface which transmits a 1080p signal from your Blue-ray player or PS3 and eliminates the need of wires. It sends high definition videos all over the house. It does not just send a signal but priorities the calculates parts of the video/picture that are more important such as the brighter coloured portions with respect to the darker ones.


Beaming has never been a perfect solution and grey patches are always seen but this time Amimon confirms picture quality equivalent to the counterpart, wired setup. The good thing about this device is that it does not only work for one format but it supports almost all the working formats. These include 1080i, 1080p, 720p, PAL, NTSC and PC. This ensures that the time you spent downloading some video will not go waste. It will be able to play that on any TV any want in your home. Belkim Flywire uses Amimon. Best quality is promised within 30 ft. range of the pad.


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