We’ll be fair: nobody like when things like …

Comment posted The Virtual Laser Keyboard by PiterMcfersonz.

We’ll be fair: nobody like when things like this happen to them. So, I have to explain this fairly upstanding affair

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  • [...] that’s better than the keyboards offered yet, whether they are on iphone or a pocket keyboard (We wrote about the Laser keyboard that can fit in to your pocket, you might want to have a look). The tablet could be relying on Articulating Frame, so the surface of the tablet would generate [...]

  • Just got this yesterday. Nice and light, built very sturdy . The screen is bright and sharp. Mouse pad pretty response and the keyboard feels good. The 6 cell battery will last over 6 hours with WIFI in use. I can’t see anything wrong with this system. I would hv preferred to have the bluetooth and the SIM card slot, but those can be added through third party products. I was also interested in the ASUS, but did not like the keyboard and also heard that customer service was not so good.

  • [...] a projector that transforms almost any surface to an interactive screen. It works similar to the wireless keyboard. It allows you to interact with the interface just like you do with your hand-held devices like [...]

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  • This is too good,but why you dont display how you made it,i am a engineering student and i want to know the basics that how it is made?????

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  • We’ll be fair: nobody like when things like this happen to them. So, I have to explain this fairly upstanding affair

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