Swipe a finger and get as much light as you want


Why does people use light lamps except for the reason for not disturbing their room mate? Well, there is a little philosophy behind it; the lamp allows you to concentrate on your study book, saving your precious time which you would spend staring around otherwise. This philosophy looked so promising that I

started using light lamps back in my university life but sadly this didn’t work out for me; the darkness always seems to creep me out. So, I rejected this idea but that just popped up again when I came across this new lamp design (Designer: Hong-kue Lee). What if you can actually swipe your finger on a flat surface of the lamp making LEDs ON as you swipe across the lamp? Hmmmn, now we have actually added a spice in to our lamp world and I would like to have that lamp on my table.

Check out the following snaps depicting how this thing can actually work for you.


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