Super USB Hub (with 24 ports) will take your USB fever far away!


image: Super USB Hub with 24 ports

Yes, that’s right, now we have this gadget which seems to provide all the needs which one can have as far as external USB devices are concerned. So, anyone having a bundle of gadgets but no extra USB ports can take this seriously. The device will take away decent $70 from your pocket.

I am not sure if so many USB’s are actually required by an individual but you can feedback us at our mail address if you feel interested. The use of such a gadget can be in places where someone needs to write to many devices at the same time. So, I won’t be using it unless I am doing some sort of pirated business writing bulk of DVDs at one go.

Super USB comes with an AC adapter of 4A, so you can charge the gadgets with this device at the same time, we can then call it a part-time universal charger! One issue which we can think off is the percentage of CPU which the gadgets will take if all of the 24 ports are filled up, of course you would be requiring a higher CPU in order to support this situation. However, the developers doesn’t seem to have given any information regarding the system requirements. So, apparently there is no threshold for CPU or memory.

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