Special Ops. watch for spy wear fans


Watch phones looked like a future technology about decades ago and now when we have the technology and resources to produce such a product, the idea itself seems pretty humorous unless you are fan of real world James Bond items. Recently, Kempler & Strauss have launched a watch phone called “Special Ops Quad Band Watch Phone” which shows companies won’t give up implementing the ‘watch phone’ idea.

Made of stainless steel, the watch phone looks smart and comes in a black color which gives a spy look to whoever wears this gadget. Interestingly, it is equipped with all the latest technologies which any decent mobile phone has that is touch screen LCD display, Bluetooth (with a Bluetooth handset) and a 1GB Micro SD card. There is a built-in multimedia player so you can use it to listen to your favorite music and if during a journey, you have played all the songs stored in its memory and still want more out of the watch, then turn on its radio to excite yourself.

Special Ops supports all the four frequencies of GSM that is 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz which effectively means that you can use it anywhere in the world. Above all, it comes fully unlocked allowing you to use it with any GSM service around the globe. Pretty sleek!

Ohh, we actually forgot to mention the watch features. I thought they were rather obvious. It displays time, date and day and comes with alarms and to-do lists as well. Remember, this product has been launched for limited time only, I think they want to test if they can change minds of the people convincing them to wear phones on the wrist. Any how, if you love this item, purchase it before it runs out.

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