Smart CCTV that can identify between a suicide bomber and a cleaner called SAMURAI – An Intelligent CCTV

The only question in every body’s mind nowadays is of security. More and more work is done to stop the increasing disorder in the society. The only question is how would you differentiate between a delivery man and a prospect suicide bomber? It seams to be a riddle of some sort but scientist and the greatest minds are working on intelligent video surveillance software.

Shaogang Gong a computer-vision computation researcher at Queen Mary, University of London says “The current CCTV can collect masses of data but a little of it is used. What we need are better ways to mind that data”


A next generation CCTV is being developed by a team of researchers headed by Shaogang. They call it “Samurai”. It is capable of identifying the behavior and the way one acts and tracking them in public places. It stores the normal behavior of the people working and moving under normal conditions in the environment where it is installed. The algorithm can also take changes of the light thus giving it the capability to track people when the move from the view of one camera to another.

One of its applications is at the airports. The system can learn the route the people tend to take for example from entrance to the counter, it can follow a person as it moves in the crowd using the shape of the person, its luggage and the person he is accompanied with.

Samurai is designed to generate alarms when it detects abnormal behavior and a feedback is used to adjust the reasoning. For example a janitor is cleaning the hallway and an alarm is generated the operator can check and give feedback, so when it detects the janitor next time in the hallway it would know that it is not an abnormal behavior.

A prototype was presented to the BAA Airports in the UK. Shaogangs team claim that the prototype successfully identified potential threats which could have been missed by a human operator.

The challenge right now is to develop a system whose algorithms that can work in the hard, rough real world as well apart from the labs.

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