Security Alert: ATM Skimmer can steal your information away

I never heard about an ATM Skimmer before I checked a lot of information about it on Twitter. It is a scary idea since it can steal your ATM confidential information such as credit and debit card information. ATM Skimmer is basically a device which has been made to fix on the mouth of an ATM machine making it difficult to sense the difference between the actual ATM mouth front and the device which means when you insert a card; it would be going to the mouth of a theft machine stealing your information right away.

An interesting fact is that the ATM skipper has been around for some years now and it is being improved as the time progresses. The following ATM skimmer was found on a Citibank ATM in California.


As the above snaps show, it is very difficult to figure out the difference which makes people vulnerable to such thefts. The device is quite complex with a sophisticated work of electronics in it. It also has a small camera intended to record the movement of people when they enter the PIN code information.

This particular skimmer seems to be a home job. However, interestingly enough, the skimmers available for sale on criminal websites are much more advanced, some of which even send a text message to the thief’s mobile phone whenever a new card is swapped.

A lot of care is required in order to avoid such thefts. If you are in doubt about such a device on any ATM machine, avoid drawing money from it rather use a different machine. Secondly, avoid drawing money from ATMs which are away from well-lit areas.

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