Say Goodbye to paper, use Boogie Board

We kill million of trees to produce paper which in turn makes our environment less green and more polluted. That of course is something the technology is supposed to replace and here we have a writing tablet for you which can do the work of a paper and you won’t get a feeling of a ‘tree killer’ by saying good bye to the paper work.


Let me surprise you, this thing won’t eat up your battery in order to write something on it. However, it requires a little battery usage to clear the board. Little means little; you can imagine 50,000 erases being made from a small watch battery. The clearing job can be done with a push of a button at the top of the tablet.

Boogie board works on the principle of a reflex LCD which can produce image when a pressure is mounted on any portion of it. The environment friendly gadget comes with a stylus to help writing down your stuff. However, as stated above, the reflex LCD can take anything to produce image, it can range from the stylus to your finger nail producing the desired image on the screen.

How much this product will cost you? Make your guess! It’s barely $30, Wao! The Boogie Board can be ordered for customized use as well like a school planning to adopt it for the use in the classes can make a special order for its look. The following customized versions give a good idea of what’s mentioned above.


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