RedEye mini – Turn iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into Universal Remote



The original RedEye by ThinkFlood was quite a show off, but it was also very expensive and complicated. Although it’s been just four months since its launch, but as new technologies are coming day by day, we can say that it is now a history. However, anew and advanced technology RedEye mini is conquering the world of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch remotes, with just a single plug-in Infrared (IR) adapter, it makes your Apple device into a device that beams out a near-limitless array of IR commands. You only need:

  • 3.5mm dongle
  • Latest iPhone OS
  • Free RedEye app

Once you have all these thing setup, now you just have to control your TV, AV receiver, Blu-ray player etc. anything that supports IR transcription. It also allows the users to:

  • Customize control of their gear
  • Supports full multi-touch and accelerometer
  • Ability to add(soft) macro buttons

You can buy this for just $49.


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