PrePeat Printer Prints without ink and a paper


Japanese seems to be extremely concerned, more than anyone else, about the environment . For the same reason, a machine called ‘White Goat’ was announced which could turn office paper into toilet tissue rolls. Now, if this ‘White Goat’ didn’t appeal to you, try PrePeat Printer which can save your ink and a paper still costing you a lot of money. Seems confusing? Let’s get into the details.

PrePeat printer has a thermal head that prints out gray scale text and images on a heat sensitive plastic sheet. The sheet can be re-used; you put the used sheet in and get a new text written on it after it comes out of the printer and all that happens in just a few seconds. The life time of a single sheet is about 1000 times. The printer itself costs about $5,500 and the special sheet costs $3.30 per sheet. So, as easily guessed, this printer is not for individual consumers and small businesses but large organizations which use paper on a large scale can think about going green with it.

Lets look at what DigInfo has captured after interviewing the PrePeat sales person.

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