Portable Cigarette Case that can jam cell phone signals


How to become a better spy? Well, I don’t know that. However, we have introduced some items before which could be perfect for your spying venture. Check them as follows:

Flash Light with a Hidden Camera

iPhone as a Spy Camera

Special Ops watch

Now here is a killer spy item know as ‘Portable Cigarette case cell phone signal jammer’. This cigarette pack can actually jam the cell phone signals for you whether it is a GSM network, a CDMA network or even a 3G network. The frequencies which this spy item jams are as follows:

CDMA: 869 ~ 880 MHZ

GSM: 925 ~ 960 MHZ

DCS: 1805 ~ 1930MHZ

3G: 2110 ~ 2170MHZ

Before buying this gadget, make sure that the target cell to be jammed work in the defined frequencies. For example, in case of GSM, we have GSM 900 and even GSM 1800 working frequencies. So, obviously if your operator is working in GSM 900 frequency, you are good to go else search for some other gadget. Similar case applies for the rest of the networks. The jammer is effective in a radius of 5m and utilizes a rechargeable Li-battery.

I am not sure if Malboro will actually sue this spy gadget maker for tricking people in its company name. However, this is a cool item for spy gadget fans. This can be bought at a price of $41.36.

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