Olympus mju tough, is it tough enough?


Image: Olympus mju tough

Are you a person who don’t have so called ‘safe hands’? A camera in your hands doesn’t last long unless it survives a lot of falls on the ground and in water as well? Then surely you require something tougher and we have that for you, its Olympus mju Tough camera.

Tough 3000 have muscles strong enough to survive in your hands. Its body can live in a harsh environment subject to extreme temperatures like heat, cold or moisture. Other than that, it can survive a fall from a height of 1.5m and can withstand even after the immersion in 3m of water level. A tough one! Right?

Now coming to specs, I hope they won’t give you a set back. It has 12 Mega pixels of CCD sensor, optical zoom of 3.6x, 2.7 inch LCD display, HD movie recording, and 1GB of internal memory. Advanced features include face recognition, shadow affect adjustment, beauty mode and of course USB charging. For those who are unfamiliar, the beauty mode automatically detects the face and makes it look brighter and smoother making you look young; in simple words you will be getting a quick Photoshop right in the cam.

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