Nokia’s Concept Phone – Morph

The Morph concept design is not only a sample of highly advanced technology but it will also give its user to use its potential to the fullest. NRC ‘Nokia Research Centre’ along with Cambridge Nanoscience Centre has taken big steps into the world of nanotechnologies.

Some of the possible features of Morph are:

  • Self cleaning and self preserving.
  • It is transparent.
  • Built in solar absorption system thus the batteries can either be eliminated or the size can be reduced to minimum.
  • Integrated sensors allowing the user to know more about their environment thus giving them more opportunities to make better choices.
  • Flexible and transparent.

Nokia Morph 1 Nokia Morph 2

Apart from what has been listed above mentioned qualities it will also cost less with much more functional options.

It will be flexible, stretchable, transparent and amazingly strong. It is build using the concept of a spider silk. The elasticity will allow the device to literally change shapes. It can be folded to easily fit in a pocket and used as a normal hand held phone. It can be unfolded to work as a keyboard or a touch pad.

Nanotechnologies also have the ability to create a self cleaning surface an example is ‘nanoflowers’, it naturally repels water and is finger print resistant and repels dirt too, thus reducing the chances of corrosion. Adding more to it, ‘nanograss’ collects solar power thus giving the phone the ability to generate energy on its own and decreasing its dependability on batteries. With it comes the high energy storage material that reduces the size of the battery and can survive more charging cycles.

It obviously is accompanied by nanosensors that allow the user to look at the environment around in a different way. Like knowing the weather, analyzing air pollution, the quality of food that we are about to take, or if the vegetable we are about to eat should be washed or not.


Nokia Morph 3

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