Nexus One Vs. iPhone – Can Google Nexus One Be An iPhone Killer?

Nexus One, Google has finally launched the smartphone. In an impressive gathering at Mountain view, ANDROID based handset was introduced…. the company claims it stands way ahead of its other contemporary phones hence they have named it as Super phone.


Do we understand what this phone can do?

Here’s a list of specifications officially announced by Google:

  • Display : 3.7" WVGA AMOLED touchscreen
  • Camera : 5 megapixels with 2X digital zoom and autofocus
  • Video : 720×480 at 20 FPS and above
  • Capacity : 512 MB RAM with 4GB Micro SD Card (expandable up to 32 GB)
  • Height : 119mm
  • Width : 59.8mm
  • Depth : 11.5mm
  • Weight : 130 grams w/battery (100g w/o battery)

Snapdragon 1 Gigahertz core processor powers the Nexus One, which is equipped with some nice features. They include built in noise cancellation feature, it has an LED powered trackball which changes its glowing colours based on the notifications you may receive, it also features appealing wallpapers which respond to the activities of the user. Voice integration is its one of the most enhanced of all the features, which no longer requires typing of the messages as it converts the voice to text.

It had been notified that this phone shall only be bought from Google Phone website, T-Mobile in USA has subsidized for its users for $179. One can buy the unlocked version for as much as $529. The phone can be bought from the declared test markets like United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong.

What are the main features that differ from other contemporary phones already in the market? Nexus One is an outstanding competitor, not withstanding this is claimed to be the first of the series of smart phones Google has launched. Year 2010 would certainly see a vast range of classic phones in the market, which can be termed, as next generation of iPhones.

Considering the quality of this phone it would be safe to say the price of this device is half the cost considering the entire contract period of iPhone 3GS. It is also considered that the price of Nexus One will further reduce when it is made available with other carriers, which is coming soon, Google believes the cost would further scale down when there are other competitors in the market. We can here show you how the smartphone price has added up.


It would be a pleasure to get the views of the potential users and to feel how they consider the features of Nexus One? Who wins the race for the top slot…Guess? iPhone or Nexus One. . .

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  • Alex says:

    The obvious answer is NO. Based on Nexus One’s sales when it launched, it’s not even close to how well the iphone did, and you don’t really see iphone users dumping their iphones for the Nexus One either. The iphone is really ahead in the game, and it would take a revolutionary device to overtake it, which none of these devices that came out seem to be. All they’te doing is mimicking the iphone and waiting on what’s next with the iphone.

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